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The next-generation WX9 adjustable speed drive is revitalizing the industry by combining Toshiba’s proprietary, ground-breaking Virtual Linear Pump® (VLP) Technology with our patented 18-pulse copper-wound autotransformer design, and a common bus connection for multi-parallel KVA performance. By incorporating VLP Technology, the WX9 directly, precisely, and linearly controls pressure, flow, level, and temperature, which seamlessly controls multiple devices while balancing the load between them. This gives our customers an efficient drive with less cabling that eliminates significant harmonic content to the power grid, all while operating in a narrower footprint—leading to reduced energy consumption and production costs.

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Product Name Brand HP Volts FL Amps Weight Model Number
WX9,460V,500HP,628A TOSHIBA WX9 500 460 628 0 lbs WX9450KAXAADW
WX9,460V,600HP,740A TOSHIBA WX9 600 460 740 0 lbs WX9460KAXAADW
ASD.WX9.700HP..460V.3PH.900A TOSHIBA WX9 700 460 900 0 lbs WX9470KAXAADW
ASD.WX9.800HP..460V.3PH.960A TOSHIBA WX9 800 460 960 0 lbs WX9480KAXAADW