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AS3 UL Type 12/IP55 ASD

Increased Protection - From falling water, splashing water, dust, dirt, lint and fibers to operate in the harshest of environments. Industry 4.0/IoT (Internet of Things) - Industry 4.0 is the evolution of manufacturing, empowering businesses to learn and adjust from data available through connected manufacturing. Dual Port Ethernet IP - Enables simple connection of multiple AS3s together on one network while simplifying cable management. Embedded Web Server - Allows for quick access to Ethernet IP setup, parameters and real-time monitoring for diagnostics. Accessible through standard web browsers on PC, tablets, and smart phones. Built-in LCD Display & Advanced Keypad - Multi-language LCD display, remote mounting, available IP65 cover, transfer/save parameters, real-time clock for fault logging, and calendar functionality. QR Codes - Displayed when troubleshooting faults or alarms, providing immediate access to a dedicated web link for maintenance and support. STO Terminal - Detachable terminal strip meets IEC directives for safety with full implementation of Safe-Torque Off, which quickly shuts down the system in the event of an emergency stop. Permanent Magnet Motor Control - For control of permanent magnet (PM) motors with higher torque and efficiency values. Pump Control - Multi-PID control with sleep function and the ability to autonomously control booster pumps based on system demands or operating a secondary PID control loop. ASD Pro Software - Toshiba’s programming software, which allows the user to utilize logic-type programming without the expense of a micro PLC.

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Product Name Brand HP Volts FL Amps Weight Model Number
AS3,480V,1HP:2.2A,2HP:4.0A TOSHIBA AS3 1 460 4 30 lbs VFAS3-4007PCE
AS3,480V,2HP:4.0A,3HP:5.6A TOSHIBA AS3 2 460 5.6 30 lbs VFAS3-4015PCE
AS3,480V,3HP:5.6A,5HP:9.3A TOSHIBA AS3 3 460 9.3 30 lbs VFAS3-4022PCE
AS3,480V,5HP:9.3A,7.5HP:12.7A TOSHIBA AS3 5 460 12.7 30 lbs VFAS3-4037PCE
AS3,480V,7.5HP:12.7A,10HP:16.5 TOSHIBA AS3 7.5 460 16.5 38 lbs VFAS3-4055PCE
AS3,480V,10HP:16.5A,15HP:23.5A TOSHIBA AS3 10 460 23.5 38 lbs VFAS3-4075PCE
AS3,480V,15HP:23.5A,20HP:31.7A TOSHIBA AS3 15 460 31.7 48 lbs VFAS3-4110PCE
AS3,480V,20HP:31.7A,25HP:39.2A TOSHIBA AS3 20 460 39.2 48 lbs VFAS3-4150PCE
AS3,480V,25HP:39.2A,30HP:46.3A TOSHIBA AS3 25 460 46.3 48 lbs VFAS3-4185PCE
AS3,480V,30HP:46.3A,40HP:61.5A TOSHIBA AS3 30 460 61.5 115 lbs VFAS3-4220PCE
AS3,480V,40HP:61.5A,50HP:74.5A TOSHIBA AS3 40 460 74.5 115 lbs VFAS3-4300PCE
AS3,480V,50HP:74.5A,60HP:88.0A TOSHIBA AS3 50 460 88 115 lbs VFAS3-4370PCE
AS3,480V,60HP:88.0A,75HP:106A TOSHIBA AS3 60 460 106 200 lbs VFAS3-4450PCE
AS3,480V,75HP:106A,100HP:145A TOSHIBA AS3 75 460 145 200 lbs VFAS3-4550PCE
AS3,480V,100HP:145A,125HP:173A TOSHIBA AS3 100 460 173 200 lbs VFAS3-4750PCE