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Demco provides comprehensive repair services on electric motors and all related apparatus in the Industrial & Manufacturing field. From Steel Mills to Hotels and Motels, Demco offers a complete "One Call" service and repair operation. If you have a need for onsite or in-shop repairs, our experienced technicians are capable of handling your specific situation in a timely and professional manner.


Demco provides comprehensive Electric Motor Repair and Services for all processing operations. Our Machine Shop complements and completes our services to our customers by assisting our Motor Shop with motor repairs as well as manufacturing new OEM replacement parts for their processing equipment. We can deliver OEM parts on time at a fraction of the cost. This helps define Demco as our customer's "One Call" service provider required to keep the many processing plants running right on schedule.


Demco offers complete repair and service solutions to all local Municipalities and their many requirements. Whether you have a Pump, Motor or VFD failure, Demco has the assets to minimize down time and return your equipment back online promptly. Many of our customers take advantage of our onsite services. Our 24 hour - 7 day service establishes Demco as the preferred vendor when a customer is in need.


When it comes to VFD's, Demco's experience and knowledge is second to none. Since 1985 we have led the industry in VFD service, repair and installation. We not only sell VFD's, we also have a team of factory trained technicians to assist you with your installation. Demco provides factory warranty repair, and we are also able to service your equipment long after the warranty has expired. Demco will provide the necessary training for our customers, in our facility or yours, which allows you to understand and maintain your equipment long after the installation is complete.


Demco repairs all brands of generators up to 3000KW and 6600Volt, including generators from shipping containers and refrigerated over-the-road trailers, as well as backup generators for Hospitals, Pumping Stations, Sensitive Information Centers and for our Military.


It's critical for a Hotel or Motel to remain operational 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. For many building engineer and maintenance departments, Demco is the one-call Service Company for their entire electric motor, VFD, and pump repair needs. If possible, the necessary repair can be accomplished onsite by one of Demco's factory trained technicians. This service allows your building to remain online and in service for your customers. If the situation requires a new replacement motor, VFD or pump, Demco has the assets and contacts to accomplish the replacement promptly in order to save you costly downtime.